Pisgah Range LTD Guarantee

Whether you're in the field or on the job site, when the going gets tough, you should trust in your equipment. Never worry about your boot laces holding up to extreme conditions again. With Pisgah Range LTD Paralaces, you can be confident in knowing they will outlast any abuse you put them through. Using the highest grade Paracord available, sourced from a military manufacturer, we KNOW and GUARANTEE that your new laces will outlast the life of your boot. We are so confident in our product, we put a LIFETIME GUARANTEE behind them. This warranty is covered to the original owner, for the lifetime of the product. If your laces happen to break, we will ship out one (1) replacement pair at no extra charge to you. Simply send a picture of the laces to RyanCostilow@PisgahRangeLTD.com and I'll get a new pair sent out to you. No need for a receipt or a warranty card like the other guys.
    Our Paracord has stood the test of time from the extreme cold winters in the mountains of Alaska, to the desert heat in Afghanistan, and the toughest worksites, from construction, welding, metal foundries, and oilfields. Our boot laces will hold up to any abuse you put them through, and outlast the most extreme conditions to bring you the best product on the market. Pisgah Range LTD.. Toughest. Laces. Period.